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Inter- Collegiate Competition Winners

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On 03.09.2022 Inter- Collegiate Competitions were held at Mount Carmel PU College and nearly 60 Students participated from our College in various events. Following Students were the winners.

Mime: 1 st Place
Srinivas (2 nd Sci), Kavin (1 st Sci), Reena (1 st Sci), Faheen (1 st Sci), David (1 st Sci), Avinash (1 st
Sci), James(1 st Sci), Joel Arul(1 st Sci)

Skit: 2 nd Palce
Joanna (1 st Arts), Kakoli (1 st Arts), Sharon, Rithika (1 st Arts), Joshua(1 st Arts), Halston (1 st Arts),
Suraj (1 st Arts), Joel (1 st Arts).

Tongue Twister: 1 st Place
Nidhi from 1 st Arts

Quiz 4 th Place
Daniel (2 nd Arts), Maisie (2 ND A), Sebastin (2 nd Sci)

Fashion Show 4 th Place
Caron (1 st D), Rohith (2 nd C), Rithik (1 st B), Calvin (1 st Sci), Aniketh (1 st Sci), Liya (1 st Sci), Jerrin
(2 nd Arts), Tharun (2 nd Arts), Ivan (2 nd E), Edrick (2 nd Sci), Vignesh (2 nd Sci)

Eclairez (French): 4 th Place
Maisie (2 nd A), Daniel (2 nd Arts), Anna (1 st Arts), Carol (1 st Arts)

Bhargav Shekar (2 nd B), Adesh (2 nd B)