St. Vincent Pallotti PU College


Chellikere, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore – 560043




We offer four courses under the Department of Commerce namely EBAC, CSBA, EBAS & EBAP. We provide an activity based learning environment which fosters analytical thinking and frame a financial mindset from a global perspective for Commerce Students. The department believes in holistic development of our students which is taken care through various co- curricular and extra – curricular activities in the fields of banking, marketing, E- commerce etc. Initiatives such as these not only empower the students, it also equips them to face any challenges in the competitive world.


The field of Science and Technology continues to expand and create significant impact on our everyday lives and understanding of the human body, the environment, the world, and the universe. Our Science Department inspires the young minds by offering courses such as PCMB and PCMC that provide professional competence with specialized knowledge in the subjects namely Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. Our state of the art exceptional Laboratory facilities provide a real time hands on experience to the science students.


Arts matters as it illustrates human experiences, helping us see the world from innumerous, different perspectives. The department is at a constant pursuit in instilling critical thinking skills, tolerance towards multicultural ambience and encouraging team spirit among the students. Beyond classroom learning, the department organizes activities which provide immense possibilities in the areas of Literature, Psychology, organization of societies etc. Our Department offers HEPS and HEPsyS courses, to delve into the areas of the world of History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, and Psychology.


We strive to develop socially responsible students with unique social skills. The Department of Languages caters to improvise the language skills and competence of students by facilitating them to choose a language of their choice for their study. The optional languages we offer are Kannada, Hindi & French as second language while English mandatorily remain as the first language.